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Your Tax Checklist

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Countdown to Tax Time 2021

We welcome all in-office appointments however if you would like to save time, and have your tax return prepared quicker, you can email us your information then sit back and relax while we do your tax!

Tax time has never been easier! We will communicate via email and/or phone to address any further queries or matters that may arise but if not, a completed tax return ready for signing will be e-mailed back to you once our team are satisfied they have maximi$ed your claim$!

Download our tax checklist now to help you gather the correct information or contact us if you need further assistance.

What you will need?

Income statement

These are needed to prove any money you made this financial year.

This include:

  • PAYG payment summary, allowances, directors fees
  • Income from business activities or bank statements
  • Lump sum and termination payments, including redundancy
  • Govt social security payments (pension, unemployment, sickness benefits)
  • Capital gains from sale of assets / income from trusts and partnerships
  • Rental income / Foreign source income (employment and pension)
  • Interest and dividend income including child accounts and any tax deducted / dividend statements
  • Foreign source income (employment and pension)

Deductions and expenses

  • Accountant / Tax agent fees
  • Bank fees / Professional subscriptions and memberships
  • Sickness / Accident insurance including income protection insurance
  • Superannuation contributions
  • Work-related motor vehicle travel (logbook & kms)
  • Business /home office deductions based upon verifiable calculations
  • Donations

& Many More, see our guide above and call us today!

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