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Your SMSF Partner Looking to setup an SMSF? / Already have an SMSF? / Need an independent Audit of your SMSF?

Welcome to VDM & Thorn Pty Ltd SMSF services

We can attend to all your SMSF requirements!

  • For the novice, we can assist in determining whether an SMSF is suitable for you.
  • Is your accountant or adviser recommending or promoting a particular investment suitable only for SMSF’s?
  • You may be wondering…… How do they work? What is the initial establishment and ongoing fees? What are the investment options?
    What are the restrictions and limitations? What are the legal obligations? And more…

An SMSF is not for everyone and it is therefore essential to obtain the right advice before setting one up.
For those with existing SMSFs, it is imperative they continue to receive appropriate and timely advice throughout their SMSF journey.

With us, your SMSF is:

  • Processed, administered and audited in Australia:
    DID YOU KNOW? Your current SMSF partner may be outsourcing their SMSF processing overseas.
    What does this mean for you? Your SMSF information may be sent, processed, and stored overseas without your knowledge.
    What do we do differently? At VDM & Thorn, your privacy is our priority. That is why your information remains confidential in our very
    own data base, without being sent to external data bases.
  • Administered by qualified Australian based accountants:
    Our team of public practitioners are Australian based and Australian qualified. Our competitors tend to actively promote that their staff of
    accountants are fully trained and qualified, but almost always fail to disclose that these fully trained and qualified accountants are
    processing your fund entirely oversees.
  • Price competitive:
    We support our economy by employing Australian based accountants rather than outsourcing services to low cost oversees processors.
    Although we cannot compete with these low cost services, our fees are fair and reasonable and highly competitive when compared to
    other similar sized suburban practices. Our fees are never based on the combined dollar value of fund investments, and we provide you
    with an upfront fixed fee for your consideration.
  • Prepared by trusted and skilled Accountants:
    Unlike other firms that have only just began to offer SMSF services in order to take advantage of low-cost oversees processors, we have
    in excess of 20 years’ experience in SMSF matters. We hold a limited ASIC AFSL license which authorises us to advise on SMSF matters. We
    are also ASIC registered SMSF auditors, and have a network of professionals to reach out to.
  • Actuarial Report
  • Audit
  • Borrowing Strategies
  • Capital Gains
  • Compliance
  • Contribution Strategies
  • Death Benefits
  • Estate Planning
  • Estate Planning
  • Financial Planning
  • Financial Report
  • Income Streams
  • Investments
  • Paying Benefits
  • Pension Strategies
  • Retirement Planning
  • Risk Insurance
  • Rollovers
  • Set Up
  • Support
  • Taxation Return
  • Trustees
  • Unit Trust
  • Wind Up

Allow us to partner with you for all your SMSF matters - We welcome your enquiry

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